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Adoptive Families’ 2018 Cover Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest! See the nine photos selected from 1,000 entries, and read stories shared by the proud parents.

Never Too Old for Family

Today in the United States, more than 123,000 children in foster care are waiting for a permanent home through adoption. Nearly 45 percent of these children are ages eight or older—and desperately need the stability, guidance, and love that only a family can provide. Learn more of the myths and realities surrounding older child adoption. | BY RITA SORONEN, of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Personal Essays

“What Being a Foster Family Has Taught My Children”

Amazingly, the number one question we’re asked about being a foster family is: “Are you afraid of what they’ll teach your children?” So, what have my kids learned? To start—to be open, generous, non-judgmental, thankful for their warm home…. | BY DEIRDRE LITTLEFIELD

“…and Letting It Be”

I adopted my son as he was entering his teen years, and now, too soon, I have seen him off to college. How will his still tenuous attachment play out when I’m no longer a constant, physical presence in his life? | BY GARY MATLOFF, PH.D.

AF Picks

2018 Gifts That Give Back

Each year, we search for companies that donate proceeds to charities that support foster care, adoption, and children’s causes. Choose a gift for your child or loved ones from the merchants highlighted here to bring joy to the gift recipient and children around the world.


Birth Sibling Connections

Parents discuss their open adoption relationships with their children’s birth siblings who are being raised in other adoptive families, or why contact isn’t possible.

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