Ten Questions to Ask Pediatricians

When you're in the process of adopting an infant, there are things you should know about your potential pediatrician. Start with these top queries.

10 Questions to Ask a Pediatrician when you're adopting
  1. How much experience do you have with adopted children?
  2. What is your philosophy on antibiotics?
  3. What is your position on infant circumcision not performed immediately after birth?
  4. What is your philosophy on vaccinations and immunizations?
  5. Do you have daily phone-in hours?
  6. Who covers for you when youre on vacation?
  7. How do you feel about raising a child as a vegetarian?
  8. What is the average wait for well-baby appointments?
  9. To whom do you refer children who are developmentally delayed?
  10. What is your policy for a sick child? First come, first served, or must we make an appointment?

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