Dealing with Loss of a Grandparent

For many children, the death of a grandparent is their first experience of loss. Use these strategies to help them deal with these difficult emotions.

Dealing with the loss of a grandparent

Often, the loss of a grandparent will be your child’s first experience with death. If a child is close to her grandparent, the loss will be that much harder. You should talk to your child about death and loss, encourage her to share her feelings, and acknowledge her pain. It’s also important to provide a concrete activity that will allow her to express those feelings.

  • If she’s old enough and wants to participate, ask your child to speak at her grandparent’s funeral. She can write a poem or read a memory.
  • Suggest planting a tree or shrub to honor a loved ones memory. Ask your child to visit the nursery to help make the selection.
  • If a grandparent dies from an illness, your child might benefit from collecting money for research on the disease.

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