15 Key Questions to Ask a Donor Embryo Program

Choosing the right donor embryo program will take time and research. As you consider your options, ask the relevant questions from the list below. Keep records of each program’s answers to help you make your final decision.

donor embryo
  • How long has your donor embryo program been in operation?
  • How do you recruit embryo donors? Will you work with a donor couple we’ve found?
  • What are the average costs? What is the fee payment structure?
  • Do you have criteria regarding religion, marital status, or sexual orientation of the intended parents?
  • Will we be matched with the donor couple, or can we select them? On the basis of what criteria?
  • Where will the embryo transfer take place?
  • Do you allow for contact with the donors?
  • Will we be told about other children conceived from the donor couple’s embryos?
  • What happens to any excess embryos?
  • What type of legal counsel is offered to us and to the donors?
  • Do you require that all parties enter into a donor agreement?
  • Do you maintain medical histories of the donors or the children?
  • Do known donors typically ask for updates?
  • Do you have a registry for the donors and the child to exchange information when the child reaches maturity?
  • May I speak with a few current or past clients?

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