Parent-To-Parent: Sharing Our News

How did you share your decision to adopt, and how did friends and family react? Our readers shared.

Sharing Your Decision to Adopt

On our Facebook page we asked readers: After you decided to adopt, who was the first person you told? What did he or she say? Here are some of your responses:

  • “My mom, and she said, ‘You’ll be a wonderful mother.’”
  • “My sister, and she started crying for joy. We both suffered from infertility. She had three miracles, but my husband and I had nothing after trying for 12 years.”
  • “My parents, and they said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’”
  • “Our parents. We had good and bad reactions, but all is great now.”
  • “We told my sister. She said, ‘God has a plan for you.’ My family has been so supportive!”
  • “My sons, and they said, ‘Can we name her?’”
  • “My grandmother. She said, ‘Ooh, you’re not going to get one of those black babies, are you?’ We don’t talk to her these days.”
  • “When I decided to adopt, the first person I told was my 10-year-old son. He said, ‘Now I won’t be alone anymore.’”
  • “My parents, and they said, ‘At last!’”

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