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Open Adoption Through the Years

Closed adoptions were the norm just a few decades ago, but now open adoption is gaining momentum. Find out if it’s right for your family.

10 Commandments of Talking 

Make sure your child knows you’re always open to talking about adoption — even when they’ve clammed up.

White Dad, Black Son

In a society that claims to be “color-blind,” we must parent deliberately.

Personal Essays

“Just the Way You Are

From Chutes and Ladders to corn-rows gone awry, being Mom to “virtual twins” has taught me to validate both of my children for who they are.

“How Did We Get Here?”

Our kids each came to us at 20 months old. Similar ages, similar adjustments, right? Not necessarily. Bonding with each child required very different tactics.

“Ready to Parent”

Shopping for baby clothes to fill the wait? It’s the latest thing.

This Baby

A mother shares the “new, unexpected, and amazing” attributes of her adopted son, of which no one talked about at the start of their adoption journey.


Citizenship for All Adoptees

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Parenthood…This is It!

After imagining and dreaming about being a mom or dad for so long, surprises are in store for most parents after adopting. Here’s what to do.

Preschool: “Why Is Her Tummy Big?”

Don’t let your preschooler catch you off-guard! Be prepared to talk about the birds, the bees, and adoption.

Elementary: Including Birth Siblings

Don’t be surprised if your child has questions about birth siblings, birth parents, or his life before adoption. How you respond to these questions is important.

Middle & High School: Your Teen and Dating

Romantic relationships can raise new questions about birth parents, heritage, and identity for teens. Are you ready?

The Experts

Establishing Parentage in Third-Party Reproduction

An attorney explains what laws apply when you build your family through assisted reproduction.

Combating “Positive” Stereotypes

Not all stereotypes are negative — but they’re still stereotypes, and should be countered whenever possible. Here’s how to react when your child is faced with some of these positive stereotypes.

Early Intervention Services

How do I know if my child needs early intervention? Our expert explains the answer to this question, and many more.



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