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AF Picks: 21 Noteworthy Adoption Books Published in 2018

Browse Adoptive Families’ annual roundup of memoirs, novels, children’s books, and non-fiction with adoption storylines or themes, including a compelling crop of new young young adult fiction.

Personal Essays

“Advice I Wish I’d Been Given While Waiting to Adopt”

Prospective adoptive parents don’t get cards or baby showers, or even much excitement. It’s time to change that. Buying something for your hoped-for baby won’t ‘jinx’ your plan to adopt, and 11 more things I wish someone had told me during the wait. | BY NICCI ROSTED

“…and so It Goes”

My older son is off at college, and I’ve been heartened to see that his “new normal” includes a maturing and strengthening of the bond between us. I look back to the day I met him, just over eight years ago, and our years of attachment struggles, even as I look to his future, and ours, with hope. | BY GARY MATLOFF, PH.D.


Our Last-Minute “Stork Drop” Adoption

Parents who were selected by a birth mother only after the baby was born share advice and their experiences with their “baby born” domestic adoptions.

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