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[EXCERPT] Those Three Words

Christine Bauer’s revealing memoir begins when she hears those three words, “You are pregnant,” and faces an unplanned pregnancy, and takes readers through her open adoption decision, and the ensuing three decades as a birth mother and mother. In this excerpt, Bauer relates the complicated emotions that accompanied her second pregnancy, 11 years after placing her daughter for adoption, and the birth of her oldest son. | BY CHRISTINE BAUER

Personal Essays

“The Fine Line Between Letting Go and Being Let Go”

I adopted my son as he was entering his teen years, and now, too soon, I have seen him off to college. How will his still tenuous attachment play out when I’m no longer a constant, physical presence in his life? | BY GARY MATLOFF, PH.D.

“Home Safe Every Night”

Isaac is 14 years old, but he’s six feet tall and almost two hundred pounds. He’s also black. He hasn’t been a discipline problem since the day he came home, but someone who doesn’t know him could see him as a threat. So what was I to do on a recent evening when he asked to bike home alone in the dark? | BY BILLY CUCHENS


Deciding What Age Child to Adopt

From newborns to teens to sibling groups, real adoptive parents share the thought process behind their age preferences when adopting.

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