2019 Cover Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest! See the nine photos selected from more than 500 entries, and read stories from the proud parents.

Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Winner

Thank you to all the Adoptive Families readers who entered this year’s contest! Please post comments about the photos below, and visit AdoptiveFamiliesCircle to enter themed photo contests throughout the year.


Alexander (9, Colombia)

son of Kristin and Dan, New York


Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Winner

“We adopted Xander when he was six months old; he’s been the joy and happiness in our lives since. This photo was taken on a visit to the Adirondacks. It captures Xander’s inexhaustible love of being outdoors, where he can have an adventure, romp around, and have the freedom to be his hilarious self.” —KRISTIN


Cora (1, U.S.)

daughter of Rachel and Brad, Texas

PHOTOGRAPHER: Vanessa Cerday Photography

Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalist Cora

“We love this photo because it captures Cora’s sweet spirit and fun personality. She loves to play and giggle, and her light is contagious! She is a beauty inside and out and we are over the moon she is part of our family.” —RACHEL


Rae, Tia, and Shane (9, U.S.; 12, Guatemala; 6, U.S.; pictured with their parents)

children of June and Beth, Colorado

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrea Gerstenberger

Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalists Rae, Tia, and Shane, with their parents

“We adopted our oldest, Tia, from Guatemala in 2007. Our two younger children were adopted domestically as infants. Our three kids get along amazingly well; they are all very different, but respect each other’s differences and just love to be together. Our good friend took this photo in our local shopping district. It had been several years since we’d had family photos taken, so we were due some good shots, and we were all pleased with the way these came out!” —JUNE


Elias (4, U.S. foster adoption)

son of Ernisha and Greg, Virginia


Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalist Elias

“Elias came to us as a therapeutic foster placement. He was six weeks old, and was not supposed to thrive. But, if you look at this picture, you see a happy, thriving child! I took this photo when I was watering the garden and he and his dad were playing outside. Greg remarked that we all used to drink from the hose on hot summer days, but kids don’t do that anymore. He took a sip, then Elias grabbed the hose and happily drank from it. To my husband and I, it was nostalgia; to Elias, it was pure joy and fun.” —ERNISHA


Sophia (5, Taiwan)

daughter of Jessica and Jeff, Minnesota


Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalist Sophia

“Sophia had been home only five days when I took this photo, but was already her joyful, curious self! She loves art and nature and, was admiring some public art as we walked around a park in our town. I love the colors in this shot, and how happy and relaxed she looks in it.” —JESSICA


Eddie and Elliot (2 years and 2 months, both U.S.)

children of Liz and Ed, Michigan

PHOTOGRAPHER: K Becker Photography

“This sibling photo was the highlight of our youngest’s newborn photos (and we have it hanging in our living room!). After bringing Elliot home, Eddie couldn’t be more proud to be a big brother and shower him with snuggles and kisses. Our announcement to family and friends was a video of Eddie exclaiming, ‘I’m a big brother!’ Now that they’re both a little older, my sons love playing with each other—mostly peek-a-boo, but also the start of some brother wrestling.” —LIZ


Nathan, Nicholas, and Megan (clockwise from top: 22, 20, and 25; all South Korea)

children of Susan and Steve, Ohio


Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalists Nathan, Nicholas, and Megan

“Since they were adopted at four, six, and 16 months of age, my children have traveled back to South Korea at different times, but this was our first trip as a family. This picture brings back so many happy memories! It was taken in front of a scenic waterfall on Jeju Island, where we met with Megan’s birth mother, and captures the beauty of siblings who enjoy each other’s company, along with a gorgeous natural landmark in their home land.” —SUSAN


Harper Lee (8, U.S.)

daughter of John and Juanita, Pennsylvania


Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalist Harper

“Harper Lee loves all animals, from dogs and cats to snakes and lizards. Last year, she swam with a shark and held a huge stingray. On this day, we were at a park. There was a puppy there, so of course that got Harper’s attention. She went up to the owner and asked very politely if she could hold it, and I snapped this shot.” —JOHN


Neva and Marco (10 and 12, U.S.)

children of Kendra and Sam, North Carolina


Adoptive Families' 2019 Cover Photo Contest Finalists Neva and Marco

“We have been taking photos of the kids in the same spot in this park since Neva came home as a baby — and a photo of Marco taken here was featured in the 2007 Adoptive Families photo contest! We have all of these annual family pictures up in our house and I love looking at them and seeing how they have grown. In this one, my children are ignoring everything else and having a good laugh over some inside joke. I adore how it captures them in a moment of sibling connection.” —KENDRA


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