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S.A.F.E. at School: Promoting Adoption Awareness in the Classroom

As parents, how can you help make sure that your child and all the students at her school feel included and supported? Educate teachers about the five As! | BY ELLEN SINGER, LCSW

Personal Essays

“Can Black Children Wear Watermelons?”

Many symbols commonly found on children’s clothing connote racist stereotypes of black people. Knowing this, should transracial adoptive parents still dress their black children in onesies and shirts featuring monkeys, zebras, and watermelons? And how do members of the black community approach clothing choices? | BY ROBYN CHITTISTER

“Caught on Camera”

Have you ever been at a baby shower where they play a home video of the mother-to-be surprising her partner with news of her pregnancy? As we grappled with infertility, my wife and I hated those videos, even as we desperately hoped for one of our own. | BY BILLY CUCHENS


Do You Talk with the Teacher About Adoption?

Real parents share how they handle adoption awareness at school.

Ask AF

News Brief

ACLU Sues Michigan for Allowing Discrimination Against LGBT Prospective Parents

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