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Adoption Cost and Timing in 2015-2016

How much does adoption cost, on average? How long does it take? We share the results of our 2015-2016 Adoption Cost & Timing Survey.

Personal Essays

Living with Diversity: “On Choosing, or Changing, Schools

As I weighed diversity, academics, and other factors when choosing schools for my transracially adopted children, I perpetually second-guessed myself. But now that my kids are teens, I’m ready to trust their decisions. | BY SHARON VAN EPPS

At Home: “Anniversary

One year after my daughter came to live with me, the memory was still too bittersweet for her. But today, two years after becoming mother and daughter, we are ready to celebrate. | BY SUZANNE DAVIS

AF Picks

Television Shows That “Get” Adoption

Watching an engaging TV series that features a relevant storyline is a fun, low-pressure way to get your child talking about adoption. Here are five shows that mostly get it right.


Friendships with Fellow Adoptees

Adoptive parents share whether their children have friends who are also adoptees and, if so, how the children met.

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Domestic Adoptions Rise Slightly, Despite Overall Decrease in Adoption

State Adoption Law Updates, February 2017



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