Letters to the Editor, RE: January 2017

Readers share feedback about articles from the January 2017 issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

Adoptive Families Magazine: January 2017 Issue

RE: Bringing Birth Siblings Into Our Children’s Stories—and Lives

I loved reading “Bringing Birth Siblings Into Our Children’s Stories—and Lives.” I have a six-year-old foster son whom I hope to adopt soon. We have in-person visits with his biological siblings in a different foster home every month, and Skype when we can. Right now this works well, but I wonder how much this will change as they get older. I hope they can maintain a good relationship for the rest of their lives.
Katrina • via Facebook

I show my son a picture of his beautiful sister all the time and we see her about once a year. He’s too young to understand yet, but I want it to be normal to him so that, when he does understand, he will be used to seeing and knowing about her.
Dani • via Facebook


RE: “Where We All Belong”

This story, by the teen sister of four new siblings through adoption, was a sweet story. I pray that all my bios can feel this way.
Michelle • via Facebook


RE: Noteworthy Adoption Books Published in 2016

Thanks to your list of new adoption books, I’ve just added a bunch of titles to my reading list.
Trish • via Facebook


RE: “My Favorite Adoption Memory”

After reading all the adoption memories others shared, I wanted to add mine: getting the unexpected email that we have been accepted into the program after six months on the waiting list! After infertility treatments, surgeries, and an ectopic pregnancy, this adoptee is over-the-moon excited to begin this beautiful journey!
Jessica • via Facebook


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