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Adoption at the Movies

Films with adoption or foster care storylines, or with themes of separation, identity, or belonging, can spark tough, must-have conversations with your children. Ready to start watching—and talking? Start with one of these recommendations. | BY ADDISON COOPER, LCSW

Personal Essays

“A Balanced View of Adoption”

With such a spectrum of opinions about adoption, it’s hard to know if we talk about it too much, or not enough, and in the right way. But watching my son navigate adoption comments at school reassured me of his comfort with it. | BY BILLY CUCHENS

“Letting the 13-Year-Old Drive”

How do you empower a child entering his teen years in a state of defeat, powerlessness, and utter self-disregard? You give him a key and tell him to take off! | BY MICHAEL SERRA

AF Picks

Dolls and Toys for Our Families

Readers and the Adoptive Families editors share a few of our favorite dolls and toys that celebrate diversity.


My Best Advice to Myself

Adoptive parents share the best adoption advice they would give themselves if they could go back five years, whether that would take them back to the adoption process or the early days of parenting.

Ask AF

Photo Contest Announcement

Enter the 2017 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest!

News Briefs

Texas Likely to Pass “Religious Refusal” Bill

Ethiopia Suspension Remains in Effect



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