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Lessons I’ve Learned from My Children

Over decades as a foster and adoptive parent and an adoption social worker, I have mothered and supported hundreds of children. Each one has taught me more than I passed along to them. Here is just some of that wisdom. | BY RENEE HETTICH, LMSW

Personal Essays

“Meeting Jennifer” – Opening a Foster Adoption

After adopting my children from foster care, we eased into contact with their birth mother. She and I—a conservative, suburban mom—couldn’t be more different, and I’m glad that’s the case. The kids have a special relationship with her that they can’t have with me. | BY KERI WILLIAMS

“The Talk” – Revealing the Burden of Racism to My African-American Child

Growing up in Trinidad, I didn’t use the word black to describe myself. But as the mother of two black children in the U.S., I walk the fine line of raising them to believe they are capable and worthy while understanding that everyone in this country has been taught to discount their value. | BY KARLA THOMAS


Celebrating with an Adoption Shower

Adoptive parents who welcomed their child home with an adoption shower share when they celebrated and their favorite part of the joyous occasion.

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