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“Take It from Us!”: Open Adoption

Real-life advice from real families on understanding openness, navigating visits and contact, explaining birth siblings, and more. | BY ADOPTIVE FAMILIES READERS

Personal Essays

“Waiting on a Dream”

Matched out of the blue with an expectant mother, we were told the next call might come within days. But as the wait stretched to weeks and then months, I despaired—would our dreams ever come true? | BY JESSICA WAGNER

“Keeping Up Appearances”

As the parents of four black children, we drop a small fortune on lotion and products and build time into our schedule to style their hair, all the while questioning whether we know what we’re doing. A recent conversation offered some much-needed reassurance. | BY BILLY CUCHENS


Like Birth Mother, Like Child

Parents share talents or traits they see in their child that must be inherited from his or her birth family.

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Adoption Month Calendar

National Adoption Awareness Month (November) is just around the corner. Download our calendar with 30 ways to celebrate adoption.

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News Briefs

Council on Accreditations (COA) May Stop Accrediting Adoption Agencies

Ethiopia to Cease Processing Adoptions, and More International Adoption Updates

American Express Ranked #1 Adoption-Friendly Workplace in 2017

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