Parent-to-Parent: Like Birth Mother, Like Child

We asked our readers: What talent or trait do you see in your child that must be from his or her birth family? Read the answers from adoptive parents.

Adoptive parents discuss talents and traits they think their child must have inherited from the birth family

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, What talent or trait do you see in your child that must be from his or her birth family? Here’s what you said:

“When our son scored 10 goals in a kindergarten soccer game, I was reminded that he was adopted.” —MATT

“Her brains. Thank goodness she didn’t get my brains.” —ANDREA

“The ability to sing (or scream) for hours on end. Her mother was an opera singer for a time. Clearly, it is a natural talent that she inherited. My husband and I can’t carry a tune in a waterproof bucket with a lid.” —KAREN

“Her tiny ankles and her beautiful black hair. I tell her these are gifts from her birth mother.” —KRISTEN

“Her love of books and advanced reading.” —CARLA

“My child’s maternal grandmother was an artist, and she is very artistic.” —APRIL

“Our little girl is very muscular and athletic. Trust me, that did not come from me!” —DEANA

“His politeness and kindness. He didn’t get those from us.” —ELIZABETH

“Their athleticism and their smiles.” —JOHANNA

“We don’t know a lot about our daughter’s birth family, but since she has none of our genetics, I’d guess that’s where her talents come from. She is a natural at singing and dancing. When she was three, she played a line of “The First Noel” by ear on our piano on Christmas Eve. We had a piano because my husband was taking lessons, and she flew by him in skill.” —JANIE

“Twisting their tongues! I can’t do it and both my kids can.” —SHELLEY


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