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See data from previous surveys on the average adoption cost and timing of the domestic, foster, or international adoption process, and take the 2017-2018 Adoption Cost & Timing Survey.

Take the 2013-2014 Adoption Cost and Timing Survey to help prospective adoptive parents

Each year, Adoptive Families polls readers to get the real story on the average cost and length of time it takes to complete an adoption. We’ve heard from many families just starting out in adoption that the final survey results are immensely helpful to them.

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You’ll help prospective adoptive families by providing up-to-date information.We’re pleased to once again offer a special giveaway to encourage more families to share their adoption experiences. If more than 1,000 parents who adopted in 2017 or 2018 complete this year’s survey, we will randomly select one participant and donate $200 to the adoption organization of his or her choice!

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