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What Do Preteens Think About Adoption?

Before the infamously moody teen years, pre-adolescence can present its own challenges for parents. How should you respond to tweens’ questions about adoption or initiate conversation with a preteen who doesn’t seem eager to talk? | BY ELLEN SINGER, LSCW-C

Personal Essays

“Sister—a Role I Wasn’t Ready to Play”

“My biological brother was adopted as an infant. When he found us, he was eager to claim us as family. But is that really what we were?” A woman shares the story of meeting her birth sibling and offers advice for others contemplating search or faced with a reunion. | BY ELIZABETH BROOKS

“My Snuggle Boy”

When he’s at home, there’s a good chance you’ll find my not-so-little boy cuddling on my lap. What a change from the expressionless toddler who came home to us eight years ago! | BY BILLY CUCHENS


“I Can’t Believe She Just Said That!” – Biggest Adoption Misconceptions

Parents share misconceptions about adoption that they’ve encountered, from ‘love heals all’ to ‘your child is lucky’ to ‘now you’ll get pregnant!’

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Enter the 2018 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest!

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