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Empowering Children of Color Who Face Racism

White parents who adopted transracially do not have the experience of feeling vulnerable or targeted based on race, so saying “I know how you feel” isn’t right—but silence is also not the answer. Adoptees and experts discuss how parents should be preparing their children, speaking out, and taking action.

Personal Essays

“Uncharted Territory”

Sometimes, you go somewhere expecting it to be totally different, and it ends up seeming familiar. I had that feeling as I led a group of students on a trip to China—and then again, back home, as we met an expectant mother. | BY LISA EMMERICH

“My Cardiologist Opened My Heart to Adoption”

The defective structure of my physical heart ultimately led my emotional heart to pause and consider—do I try for pregnancy, or for parenthood through adoption? | BY ALLISON EASLEY


Holiday Gifts for Your Child’s Birth Family

We asked our readers: If you’ll be giving your child’s birth parents a gift this holiday season, what is it and how will you give it to them? Read the answers from adoptive parents.

AF Picks

2017 Gifts That Give Back

Each year, we search for companies that donate proceeds to charities that support adoption, children, or families. Choose a gift for your child or loved ones from the merchants highlighted here and your purchase will benefit children and families around the world.

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Photo Contest


We asked to see your scariest and sweetest photos of your kids in their Halloween best. Thank you to all the members of AdoptiveFamiliesCircle who shared their Halloween memories.



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