Letters to the Editor, RE: November 2017

Readers share feedback about articles published in the November 2017 issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

RE: “Parenting After Foster Adoption—Like Playing Jenga, Backward”

My daughter was 16 when I first met her. Parenting has been SO like playing Jenga backward!
Deb • via Facebook

Great analogy!
Kelley • via Facebook


RE: 2017 Cover Photo Contest Winners

We love this cover photo from Adoptive Families magazine. When you foster or adopt a child, you are changing their legacy. Our goal is for every child to understand they are victors and not victims of their circumstances. Congratulations on your adoption Jesse!
Youth in View Foster Care and Adoption Agency • via Facebook

I love the picture of Leanndra and her mother. You can just feel the joy!
Susan • via Facebook

Mohini is just beautiful and reminds me of my daughter when she was little. She’s 27 now!
Judy • via Facebook


RE: New Brief: Adoption Tax Credit Threatened, Then Preserved in Tax Reform Proposal

I called my Congressman about the first proposed bill, which would have eliminate the Adoption Tax Credit. My Congressman’s staffer stated that my Congressman is against the Adoption Tax Credit because the IRS cannot administer the credit correctly and has lost so many lawsuits in the U.S. Tax Court. Honestly, that did not surprise me as we are one of the couples who won in the U.S. Tax Courts against the IRS. It did surprise me that, rather than fix the IRS, Congress decided to do away with the Adoption Tax Credit. A sad day! [posted before the update, notifying readers that the Adoption Tax Credit had been reinstated in the second bill]
Jane • via Facebook

Yay! I’m so glad I did my part!
Becky • via Facebook


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