Parent-to-Parent: Holiday Gifts for Your Child's Birth Family

We asked our readers: If you'll be giving your child's birth parents a gift this holiday season, what is it and how will you give it to them? Read the answers from adoptive parents.

Readers share the holiday gifts they exchange with their children's birth families, including homemade ornaments, photos, and other ideas.

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, Did you buy or make your child’s birth family a holiday gift? If so, what is it and how will you give it to them? Here’s what you said:

We exchange ornaments. We’ll also give them several professional Christmas photos, school pics, and homemade cookies. This is our yearly tradition.” —LISA

A Christmas ornaments with our child’s picture in it, this year’s school pictures, and some homemade treats. We will visit with our child’s paternal birth grandmother and will send her biological mom her gifts. We are just beginning to learn our new forever relationships!” —STEPHANIE

We are driving to visit the birth family and surprising them with Santa (my dad!) and gifts. We got personalized reindeer for the kids and pedicure gift certificates for our child’s biological mother and grandma.” —CANDI

We make handmade photo or handprint ornaments/decorations. And then a special small gift for each child’s birth mother.” —KARLA

“I buy my child’s siblings small gifts and make her birth mom a photo book filled with pictures from the past year.” —TERRI

We have relationship with quite a few biological family members. I made hooded owl blankets for my daughter’s sister, brother, and four cousins, as well as another little one who lives with her sister. I just got them mailed out today and it feels great! Her biological mother will get a photo calendar featuring our daughter (and so will a few other birth relatives).” —LEXIE

Yes, we send each of our kids’ birth moms a lengthy letter. We also include printed photos to add to a photo album that we sent them.” —SARA

We are sending the siblings framed photos taken during our visit this summer.” —ABIGAIL

I sent my child’s birth mom a locket with the baby’s picture in it.” —DAISY


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