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Making the Decision to Grow Your Family Through Adoption

Have you been wondering whether to bring a second (or third) child into your home? An adoption social worker helps parents contemplating adoption to unpack their motivations and make the decision with eyes wide open. | BY BETH FRIEDBERG, LCSW

Personal Essays

Our Story: “Awake at Last

Sometimes love comes easy. Other times, it must be earned. This is the story of how I let go of my preconceived ideas about bonding and motherhood and became brave enough to trust my heart. | BY LAURIE SHIERS

At Home: “What If?

What if I don’t love this child the same as I love the others? This question is probably every pre-adoptive parent’s most secret worry. Here are the words that reassured me. | BY ANNE SAWAN


Keeping Up Your Spirits During the Wait

Parents share how they remained positive during a long or uncertain wait to adopt.

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News Briefs

State Department Releases Notice on Documenting Citizenship for Adopted Children

Financial and Social Pressure and Lack of Support Factor Into Expectant Mothers’ Decisions



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