Keeping Your Spirits Up During the Wait

From doing "lasts" as a couple to cleaning out closets and drawers to writing in a journal to their child-to-be, parents share how they remained positive during a long or uncertain wait to adopt.

pink baby shoes help keep a spirits up during the wait to adopt

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, During your wait to adopt, how did you keep your spirits up? Here’s what you said:

“We had a checklist of something to do every week—buying something for the children, cleaning out a closet, painting, cleaning out a drawer, and so on. Every minute was worth it!” —SHELLY

“Reading about other families’ successful adoption journeys.” —LISA

“We did all of our ‘lasts’ as a couple, like a bucket list of sorts. Our favorite was taking all the non-stroller-friendly hiking trails. But, more importantly, we surrounded ourselves with people who understood the adoption process and supported us each step of the journey.” —KATHLEEN

“I worked a ton to save money for the baby.” —KARLA

“You have to go on with life. If you sit and dwell on the time, it just makes it worse. I think the best thing to do is write in a book for your precious little just as if you were waiting for their birth—anticipation for the wonderful day when you will become a family. We waited 17 months for our first adoption and 19 months for our second. Lots of bumps and hiccups, but all to prepare for our future.” —CONNIE

“I stayed busy, made short-term plans, worked a lot (because it was the only place I didn’t think about the whole process), and nagged my husband a lot—ha!” —STEPHANIE

“I joined many websites about adoption, communicated with people in the same situation and with people were already parenting adopted kids, educated myself about adoption, and got the baby room ready and stocked with clothes and toys.” —ABEER

“Prayed, joined an adoption group, read What to Expect the First Year along with many books on adoption, scrapbooked photos we were sent, worked a lot, went on a non-child-friendly trip, and prayed some more.” —SHERRY

“I made a scrapbook and wrote letters to my child in a journal.” —JONI

“I just talked through my feelings to my family. There were quite a few tears. But then, one day it happened, proving dreams do come true.” —AMY


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