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Navigating the Teen Years, Part 1: Setting “Adoption-Sensitive” Limits

As a teen, your child still needs and wants you to be a strong parent—not in a controlling fashion, but as a reliable authority in his or her life. A family therapist (and adult adoptee) discusses 10 ways to establish yourself in this role. | BY KATIE NAFTZGER, LICSW

Personal Essays – Our Stories

In these paired essays, a birth mother and the mother who adopted her twins share their experiences.

“Letting Go”

After struggling to parent my twin daughters for ten months, I sadly realized I couldn’t provide them with the stable life I’d envisioned. | BY BRANDY STEIN

“How I Met My Daughters”

I may not remember when I first knew I wanted to be a mother, but the moments leading up to and the first time I saw my daughters are indelibly etched in my memory. | BY LAKSHMI IYER

Personal Essay – At Home

“Dear Other Mothers…”

“My greatest joy, becoming a mother, happened because both of my children lost the one person no child should have to lose.” As her oldest child navigates the teen years, a mother looks back and expresses her deep gratitude to both her children’s birth mothers for the joys and challenges alike. | BY SHELLY ROY

The Experts: Adoption Law

The ICPC: An Updated Overview

When you adopt a child from a different state, you’ll need approval under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children before traveling home. Here’s what you need to know about this process. | BY PETER J. WIERNICKI, ESQ.


Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

Parents in open adoptions share whether they have a post-adoption contact agreement with their child’s birth parents and, if so, what it includes.

Ask AF

News Briefs

Ethiopia Suspends Adoptions

Further Decline in International Adoption Numbers, and Ongoing Challenges

New Alabama Law Allows Adoption Agencies to Discriminate Against LGBT Couples

State Department Calls for Outstanding Post-Adoption Reports



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