Letters to the Editor, RE: March 2017

Readers share feedback about articles published in the March 2017 issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

RE: “Awake at Last”

This was an excellent article that speaks about the elephant in the room—delayed bonding.
Campbell • via Facebook

The author struggled for weeks with bonding…. Try several years. We adopted three siblings and the middle one struggled with bonding issues for years. It took five years for her to say, “I love you,” and a lot of that was thanks to her therapist who helped her to be vulnerable and love again. It was very special to hear it, but it was a rough road. Even so, I wouldn’t change it.
Alexandra • via Facebook


RE: State Department Releases Notice on Documenting Citizenship

Thank you for this important information. If you do not have a Certificate of Citizenship (COC) for your internationally adopted child, please read this article and apply for one ASAP. A COC has a photo of your child on it and states that this child is a citizen of the U.S. Better than a U.S. passport, it is permanent proof of citizenship.
Bev • via Facebook


RE: One Partner Wants to Nest, the Other Wants to Wait

I was the one who wanted to nest, so we did, a bit (a blue-and-yellow room and some basics). I liked having a place that would be our child’s room.
Lisa • via Facebook


RE: When Relatives Hold Dated Views About Adoption

My mother was furious we didn’t let her help “pick out the children.” You know, like they were puppies in a window? She had a straight up tantrum. It took weeks to convince her that children are not shopped for like new appliances.
Jennifer • via Facebook


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