Table of Contents: Spring 2013 Issue



Instant Mom

Nia Vardalos and her husband had just 14 hours notice before they brought home a preschooler via U.S. foster care. AF is pleased to share this excerpt from Instant Mom, her hilarious, poignant memoir of her adoption journey.

Hooray for Heritage

How do you honor your child’s origins? Readers share what they’ve done, from summer culture camps or taking homeland (or home state) trips, to everyday ways to reinforce ethnic pride.

Making Memories

Digital scrapbooking is the easy, new way to preserve your memories–and adoptive parents are leading the way!

Personal Essays

Wait Gain

After going through an excruciatingly difficult adoption wait, this mom offers her best tips for other parents who are facing the same thing.

Girl on Fire

When Laila came to our family through foster adoption, she had already decided her voice didn’t mean anything. It was our job to make her see that wasn’t true.

Redefining Perfect

When we announced our decision to adopt, people said we were throwing a wrench in our “perfect” family. But what makes a family perfect, anyway?


Russia Bans U.S. Families From Adopting

Adoption Tax Credit Made Permanent

Standards Set for Service Providers

Intercountry Adoption Continues to Decline

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: (Baby) Proof It!

Before the big day finally arrives, follow these easy childproofing tips to make your home ready for your new child.

Preschool: Early Talks About Race

Preschoolers–and their friends–are beginning to notice racial differences. Here’s how parents can talk about it.

Elementary: Intense Emotions

If your grade-schooler gets moody, you can help.

Middle & High School: Open Adoption and Teens

As teens seek independence, they rethink their relationships with all the adults in their lives–including birth parents.

The Experts

Claiming Your Role as a Parent

Our older child adoption expert explains why control shouldn’t be a dirty word when parenting your adopted child who has been hurt in the past.

Letting Your Open Adoption Evolve

Our adoption expert details the ups and downs of open adoption, and how to keep the relationship going — even when it’s hard.



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