Ask AF: Should We Hold a Big Adoption Party?

Is a big "adoption party" a good idea? Members of AFC share their advice.

Q: We’re finalizing our five-year-old’s adoption soon. She wants to invite all the kids from her school, ballet class, and so on to a big party. We don’t want to hide her adoption, but aren’t sure if we should broadcast it to our small town.


A: Members of respond:

“Our six-year-old wanted a ‘pink adoption party’ — so we had one! The invitations read: ‘Please join us as Katie is lovingly welcomed into our forever family.’ It was a great opportunity to educate about adoption.”

“If your daughter wasn’t placed as an infant, everyone probably knows already. Read an adoption story aloud and make it part of the party.”

“If you don’t want the focus to be on adoption, but your daughter is set on a big party, have a small family celebration for finalization and a big birthday party (or Spring Fling, or Back-to-School party).”


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