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Open Adoption: A Reference Guide for Families

Openness brings great benefits to all involved, as well as some unique dilemmas. Addressing them requires flexibility, sensitivity to the birth family, and confidence in yourself as parents. Consult this guide to learn how to make it work for your family.

Raising a Child of Color in America—While White

Our country is far from a “post-racial” society, despite what many would have you believe. For your transracially adopted child to grow up feeling supported and safe, you must be able to call out racism and stand up against injustice. Here’s how to start.

Putting Your Feelings on Paper

The innovative Therapeutic Writing program is helping adoptive parents explore the many complex emotions that can accompany infertility and adoption. Learn how it works, and find some writing exercises to try on your own.

Personal Essays

Letting Our Story Soar

A mother and daughter used a fictional character to talk about race, identity, and the realities of adoption—and found they’d written the children’s book Paloma the Possible.

“Paying My Respects to My Son’s Birth Mother”

When her son’s birth mother died, this mom decided it was time to open their closed foster adoption and meet his other family…even if that meant crashing a wake.

What Do Religious Beliefs Have to Do With Parenting?

One adoptive parent wonders, why should belief in a higher being matter when it comes to fitness to adopt or parenting skills?

The Whole Journey

“Our son’s birth mother chose us when making the painful decision—raise a child or finish high school. Now she’d invited us to her graduation. So, no matter how difficult the trip, we vowed to be there.”


Cost and Timing of Adoptions in 2013-2014

Each year, Adoptive Families polls newly formed adoptive families across the country. Here are the average expenses and timelines reported by more than 1,300 families who completed adoptions in 2013 or 2014.

Improving College Graduation Rates for Foster Children

Proposed Law Would Make Tax Credit Refundable

State Adoption Laws Update

International Adoption at Lowest Level Since 1982

Davion’s Forever Family

Foster Youth Becomes Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen

Deportation Delayed for Adam Crapser

The Experts

Expanding a Picky Eater’s Palate

An adoption medicine expert explains how to encourage kids to try new foods, while letting them feel safe at the dinner table.




PARENT-TO-PARENT: The Expectant Mom Match

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