Table of Contents: June 2018



Just Say “Yes” to Positive Parenting

If you’re parenting an oppositional child or teen, you probably say “no” a lot. You may say it so often that it’s become your default response, or you may be stuck in the perception that “no” is the healthier option. How can you bring positivity back into your parent-child relationship? | BY LAURA H. WILKINSON

Personal Essays

“‘Trashy’ Parents?”

At a recent gathering, an acquaintance made a comment based on the astonishingly misguided and downright vulgar assumption that my child’s birth parents are unworthy or subpar. Here’s how I responded. | BY KAREN HINDHEDE

“First Words”

We may not have heard our children’s very first words, but we’ve heard many others in our journey through infertility and foster adoption—and now, as family. | BY SANDY CARPENTER


My “Adoption Hero”

Adoptive parents pay tribute to their “adoption heroes,” including a social worker, their child’s birth mother, or their child.

Ask AF

Photo Contests

Enter the 2018 Adoptive Families Cover Photo Contest!

AFC Photo Contest Winners: Daddy Moments



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