Letters to the Editor, RE: May 2018

Readers share feedback about articles published in the May 2018 issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

RE: “Meeting Jennifer”

Wow, this story was so touching. I adopted my son from foster care in March (he’s two). I want him to have contact with his biological family. We do have contact with his grandpa and aunt, but I don’t know where biological parents are. I hope we can have contact with them someday.
DANA • via Facebook

I see how the adoptive mom wants the children to have contact with their biological mom, but I also wonder whether there would be any negative effects from knowing their birth mom’s struggles. If she is not on meds and is still making very bad choices, is it best to encourage the relationship? It’s a very hard thing to juggle. Our main focus as foster and adoptive parents is to protect our children and I don’t think we need to feel guilty about maintaining boundaries.
MIRIAN • via Facebook


RE: “The Talk: Revealing the Realities of Racism to My African-American Child”

We opened up the conversation about racism by reading children’s books about Jackie Robinson. He’s a great example of courage and strength.
JACQUE • via Facebook


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