Parents Share: My "Adoption Hero"

Adoptive parents pay tribute to their "adoption heroes," including a social worker, their child's birth mother, or their child.

woman wearing a cape on a mountain, representing adoptive parents' "adoption heroes," including their child's birth mother or their social worker

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, Who is your “adoption hero”? Here’s what you said:

My child’s birth mom, for sure. In the face of different choices and pressure from her family, she made the harder choice for the long term benefit. There is no greater love than a mother’s love, except a birth mother’s love.” —JENNIFER

My daughter. I can’t imagine how hard it was for her to be in an abusive home, then foster care/group homes for years, then move here permanently at the age of 11. In spite of all she’s been through, she has the biggest heart of anyone I know and seeks ways to help others. She’s defining herself as a helper rather than a victim and I’m proud of her for that!” —MELISSA

I have had the awesome opportunity to be adopted and to adopt. My adoption heroes are my adoptive mom and also my two beautiful daughters.” —SAMMY

The judge. She was patient and kind, and saw that, even though I am a single person, I wanted to give my son a life that would break the cycle. And she let me become a mom in the eyes of the law when we made it to adoption day.” —CHERYK

Our adoption coordinator and agency founder, Dana. She was instrumental in uniting our child’s birth mom and us. Also, the love, wisdom, and experience she brought to such a stressful experience is something I will always hold close to my heart. Our daughter was her last adoption before she passed away from cancer.” —DAN

Ours took a village. Literally. Our adoption fairy godmother for the email that began the entire process, our adoption social worker who traveled 200 miles-plus for every court date despite feeling it was not going to end well; she was an unbelievable champion during a time of despair.” —SUSAN

My (adoptive) dad. He is my hero, my rock, and the person I admire, trust, and love most in the world.” —POL

My best friend—as an adult adoptee, she has guided me and helped me ‘get it.’ My friends for adopting first before us, and our kids’ birth moms because the gifts we received represented great sacrifices for them.” —LISA

All of our children’s birth mothers and one birth father who made the decision to place their children in our family, and for continuing to be involved with us!” —NYCOLE

My stepmom. She took in my sister and I as her own when she married my father. As if that wasn’t saint-like enough, they went on to adopt a sibling group of three young kids from foster care. We’re now one big family and we all moved in with her and my father in a two-year time span. So, her home exploded with two teenage girls, a toddler, and two infants in two years. She’s definitely pulled her hair out a few times, but she’s a hero and she deserves every award I can find her.” —CARA

Our son’s birth mom. She included us during the pregnancy, and we were in the delivery room—she chose for my husband to cut the cord and hold him first. She made me a mom.” —KELLEE




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