Navigating Sibling Rivalry & Other Family Dynamics After Adoption

Advice and stories about navigating sibling rivalry, talking with relatives who don’t “get” adoption, and other post-adoption family dynamics.

A family formed via foster adoption

“In the Beginning” — Part 1 of Foster Adoption Series

In part one of our family’s adoption odyssey, we make our way through our state’s Fost/Adopt program and find that things don’t always go according to plan. But sometimes, that’s for the best.

Using Fantasy Play to Deal with Adoption Issues

“The Therapeutic Value of Playing Our Adoption Game”

My daughter was two when I first met her at the orphanage in Russia. I knew nothing about the first years of her life, and she has no conscious memories of that time—but an elaborate fantasy life that she cultivated gave me a glimpse into how she may have experienced her early years.