Navigating Sibling Rivalry & Other Family Dynamics After Adoption

Advice and stories about navigating sibling rivalry, talking with relatives who don’t “get” adoption, and other post-adoption family dynamics.

Would adopting older children internationally out of birth order make out family less "perfect"?

“Redefining Perfect”

“Redefining Perfect”

After giving birth to a boy and a girl, I had what other people defined as a “million dollar family.” A few years later, family and friends questioned our decision to adopt two older children, out of birth order, when we had the “perfect” family.

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Ask AF: Upset About Mom’s Pregnancy

Q: We adopted our daughter from foster care at age 11. Two months ago, I found out I was pregnant. At first she was very excited, but now she huffs or changes the subject whenever it comes up. I’m sure she’s upset that she’ll have to share her room and her parents, but how can I prove that our love for her will remain the same?