Adoptive Families, the award-winning national adoption magazine, is the leading adoption information source for families before, during, and after adoption.


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"I am astounded at the quality improvements this magazine has made in the 5 years I've been subscribing! I savor every issue!"SL Yoder, via email

Editorial Mission

For more than thirty years, Adoptive Families magazine has served as the leading source of authoritative, trusted parenting information for families before and after adoption. Each issue contains an informative and well-written collection of personal, how-to, service, and special-interest articles selected for their appeal and universality for all adoptive families.

Adoptive Families readers relish the authentic, personal tone of the magazine's writing, a voice at once joyous and thoughtful. They consider the magazine a support group in print, a place where their families are understood and valued. Whatever their paths to adoption—domestic or international, infant or older child—AF readers share common experiences and concerns that make them a uniquely engaged community of readers.

Subjects of primary interest to Adoptive Families readers include: practical tips for raising children, first-person stories from fellow parents, adoption news and trends, advice from adoption and medical experts, articles on how to talk to children about adoption.

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