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How children view adoption changes as they grow

Adoption Through a Child’s Eyes

By tuning in to what children understand about adoption at different ages, our talks become richer, more intimate, and ultimately more effective.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Different Levels of Contact

Our six-year-old son has contact with his birth family. our four-year-old daughter was abandoned at the hospital at birth. After a recent meeting with our son's birth family, our daughter asked when she can meet her birth family. Should we stop taking her with us on these visits? Is it just confusing her?

what a family means

“What Is Family?”

Being an adoptive parent begs the question, "what makes a family?" How I helped others to understand that my son by adoption is simply my son.

Cost of adoption survey data

Cost of Adoption Update: 2010-2011

A comparison of costs for domestic and international adoptions, the cost of adoption uncertainties, and more — data from our 2010-2011 Cost & Timing of Adoption Survey.