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Books about adoption: After Isaac Cover

[Book Review] After Isaac

Three years after his brother’s death, at age 11, 16-year-old Aaron Saturn is just coming to terms with the loss.

Me, Him, Them, and It Book Cober

[Book Review] Me, Him, Them, and It

High school junior Evelyn wanted to throw off her good-girl reputation and get her parents’ attention, but never planned on getting pregnant.

Books about adoption: Counting By 7s

[Book Review] Counting By 7s

Willow Chance, adopted transracially as an infant, has mastered several different languages and diagnostic medical texts by age 12.

Books about adoption

[Book Review] The Mothers

I heard an interview with Jennifer Gilmore on Fresh Air and I thought she made the process sound miserable—a ridiculously long wait with one scam after another

[Book Review] ABC, Adoption and Me

Although the "ABC" concept makes it seem that this would be a book for younger kids, this collaboration between an adoptive mother and her daughter tackles weighty topics.

How to talk about racial bias with your kids.

Breaking the Racial Sound Barrier

In a society that considers "color-blindness" a noble attitude, parents may worry about talking about racism, but we must do it. Here's how.

A woman holds her newly adopted baby.

Surprising Post-Adoption Emotions

When you finally bring your child home, yes, you will feel elated. But many new adoptive moms and dads are surprised by the complex emotions that can sit on the outskirts of that joy.

Books about adoption

[Book Review] Adopted Like Me

Let your child know that, through adoption, he or she joins the likes of George Washington Carver, Marilyn Monroe, John James Audubon, Aristotle, and others.

A family in an open adoption talks to birth parents on the phone

A Meeting of the Open Minds

Two adoptive moms and a birth mother candidly discuss the adoption match, birth siblings, contact agreements, and more.