Share Your Story: Travel Tips

We asked you for your best travel tips: what did you do to save money when you traveled to see your new child?

Travel tips might include staying at a cheaper motel

We used our Marriott rewards points to stay at the Marriott Grand in Moscow. We also stayed on the concierge floor. We had a light breakfast and lunch there for free, and we only ate out at dinnertime. —Tara

Consider adopting through your local public agency. It is free and you receive considerable resources (which do vary depending on the state and the child’s circumstances). There are so many wonderful children waiting right here in the U.S.!  —Jane, Ohio

We used frequent flyer miles and hotel “points” from my husband’s business travel. We did not purchase a separate seat on the airplane for the baby. I held him, and he slept against my chest the entire flight. We stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn, which provided complimentary breakfast and hors d’oeuvres in the afternoon. Our room was a suite with a kitchen, which we stocked with groceries. We took minimal items for the baby, knowing we could buy what we needed locally. —Margaret

We bought a stroller/infant seat combo that we used for the baby to sleep in at the hotel. We stayed in a hotel with a kitchen, bought groceries and ate our meals in the room. We got a low airline fare on the net. —Sally

Try to find a corporate apartment in the city you’ll be staying at. It saved us hundreds of dollars, and it was furnished. We brought our crockpot with us and made banquet crock pot meals. We used Mapquest to plan driving routes. Having the directions ahead of time saved us a little stress and a lot of gas! —L.P.

Our hospital social worker made arrangements for us to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. It was across the street from the hospital and we stayed until our adoption went through. It cost us $70 for a week versus $80 a night at the hotel. Meals, laundry, and some local transportation were provided. Besides the savings, the RMH staff hospitality was wonderful. —The Mix family

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