Nigeria Adoption Fast Facts

Wondering how to adopt from Nigeria? Find statistics, prospective parent requirements, and an average budget and timeline.

nigeria adoption

Since 2014, the U.S. Department of State has warned prospective parents that fraud and adoption scams are a serious concern after Nigerian media outlets reported on alleged child-buying operations posing as orphanages or homes for unwed mothers. Non-Nigerian citizens are not permitted to adopt from Nigeria.

For more up-to-date information on how to adopt from Nigeria, visit the Nigeria Adoption page on the U.S. State Department’s website.

Search the National Infertility & Adoption Directory for adoption agencies placing children from Nigeria.

Nigeria Adoption Fast Facts

  • 2016 Adoptions: 121 children
  • Hague Country: No
  • Profile of Children: 61% of children are between 1 and 4 years old. 50% of children are girls. (2014)
  • Estimated Total Cost: adoption fees in Nigeria are approximately $500
  • Parents’ Ages: Parents must be at least 25 years of age, and 21 years older than the child.
  • Family Requirements: Married couples may adopt if both parents are Nigerian citizens. Singles may adopt a child of the same sex. Same-sex adoption is not expressly prohibited, but it is not clear where the government stands.
  • Travel: At least one parent must travel to Nigeria to adopt, and establish a parent-child relationship with the courts before the adoption is final.
  • Timeline for Nigerian Adoption: A few months to a year.

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