Table of Contents: Jan/Feb 2013 Issue



Love Me, Feed Me

Our childhood feeding specialist explains how to show your foster or adopted children love through food in an excerpt from her guide to enjoying family meals.

20 Questions Kids Ask About Adoption

Your child has questions about babies, birth mothers, and the way he joined your family. Now, you have the answers.

Healthy From Their Skin In

A strong skin care routine is an important part of a healthy life. Start your child’s early, especially if their skin is different from yours.

Personal Essays

Who Are Your Real Parents?

Growing up adopted, I heard the word ‘real’ more than I could handle. Over time, I learned the true meaning of the word.

A Wide-angle View of Family

If I was about to become a birth grandmother, I wanted to be able to trust the adoptive family. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried.

Does She Know?

One mother wonders, does her small daughter really understand what adoption means? For her birth mother, her mother, for herself, and when will she know?

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Destination — Baby

Even parents who adopt domestically need to travel. Are you ready for the journey?

Preschool: Setting Limits

Your preschooler pleads for things and refuses to listen. Why is it so hard to set limits?

Elementary: Helping Your Child Grieve

After the loss of a loved one, children look to parents to make sense of feelings and put worries to rest.

Middle and High School: The Age of Embarrassment

Your preteen just wants to be cool. But how can he, when he’s “different”?

The Experts

Adoption Law: When Your Client is a Birth Parent

Our adoption law specialist explains what to expect during a direct placement adoption — and exactly what the attorney’s role is — when hired by a birth parent.

Helping Families Embrace Adoption

You’re overjoyed at the prospect of your open adoption. Why doesn’t your family feel the same?




PARENT-TO-PARENT: Adoption in Prime Time

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