Search Results: Summer 2013

An adoptee thinks about her first mother and the fact that her parents never judged her birth parents

“My Parents Never Judged My First Mother”

With her swollen belly, my classmate reminded me of my own first mother. People expected her to be ashamed, but I wondered, how can someone be ashamed of the mother without also being ashamed of the baby?

A birth parent perspective on an adoption

“Finding Peace with My Adoption Plan”

As a birth mother, my path to adoption was full of conflicting feelings. But at the moment my son was born — when two women came together in the same instant to love him — I felt at peace.

A mother finally meets her adopted baby.

“Becoming Your Mother the Moment We Met”

Still jet-lagged from a 15-hour flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, then another to Shanghai and another to your province, I awoke at dawn knowing that this was the day that I would finally meet you—my baby girl.