Parent-To-Parent: Time for Cake!

Parents shared how they commemorate their child's adoption finalization. How does your family celebrate?

Adoption Finalization

On our Facebook page, a reader asked for help: “Does anyone have suggestions for what to write on a cake to celebrate finalization?” Here are some of your ideas for topping off the icing on the cake:

“The infinity symbol.”

“New name…Date of finalization…Forever!”

“We put all our first names and ‘Forever Family’ on the cake. My son keeps a photo of the cake in a special album.”

“It’s Official!”

“We have a bakery that can put photos on the cake, so we used our children’s photos with their new names.”

“Happy Gotcha Day.”

“My son was adopted from Russia, so we had Russian and American flags with a heart between them, and ‘Welcome Home.'”

“I ordered a big cake that said, simply, ‘Finally!'”

“Our dear friend made a cake that looked like a book that said, ‘They lived happily ever after.'”


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