Parent-to-Parent: Embracing "Older" Parenthood

Readers who adopted as older parents share some of the drawbacks and benefits, their best advice—and the joy that comes with parenting, not matter what your age.

Older Parent Adoption

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, Did you adopt as an older parent? Are you happy you did? What are some of the benefits—and the drawbacks? What advice would you share with others? Here’s what you said:

“We adopted our daughter when I was 48 and our son when I was 51. My dad was 54 when he adopted me. Age is what you make of it. I wouldn’t change a thing.” —DEBBY

“We adopted our fifth child at 44 for me and 48 for my husband. I love being an ‘older’ parent. I may not have the energy of a 25-year-old, but I appreciate every minute of it.” —ROCHELLE

“My husband was 69 when we adopted our son, and they are the best of friends. He always states how young it makes him feel.” —AMY

“I am there. Crazy. Tired. Overwhelmed. Feeling guilty I don’t have more to give her… and yet, crazy in love with my daughter and doing the best I can do. I think she agrees.” —LINDA

“We adopted our newborn daughter when we were 45 and 54. She’s 12 now and we love being her parents! We eat ‘clean,’ exercise, and are healthier than many of our younger friends, so that helps when being an ‘older’ parent. We don’t feel as old as we are. Our daughter definitely keeps us young!” —JANIE

“I was 48 and my husband was 45 when we adopted. Yes, I do tire of the ‘grandma’ comments (from my kids, as well!), but being a mom is really the sweet juice of life, even when there are challenges.” —CINDI

“I first parented in my early twenties, and now I’m doing it all again in my 40s via adoption. There are pros and cons for both ages, but I feel so much more settled, confident, and able to deal with the complexities adoption brings as an older parent.” —SARAH

“I adopted at the age of 40, my sister adopted (as a single parent) at the age of 50. Don’t let a number limit your dreams.” —ANNE

“I adopted my nine-year-old foster son when I was 50. I turned 60 a week before he turned 18. No regrets! Tired, but no regrets.” —KAREN

“We were 57 with three grown children and seven grandkids when we adopted our daughter at age four. She is now 19 and we are 72. Now we get to send one more through college!” —DEE

“Parenting at older ages is probably more challenging, but since I didn’t have this experience in my twenties or thirties, how would I know? I assume parenting would be tough at any age. I married when I was 35, we bought our first home at 40, and brought home our newborn when I was 45. We love and adore our child, who’s now six, and her birth mother beyond measure. We do things when our hearts feel it’s right.” —ADRIANA

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