Parent-To-Parent: Like Parent, Like Child

As all adoptive parents know, family resemblance is more than just looking alike. We asked our readers how their children are like them. They answered.

Family resemblance

On our Facebook page, we asked readers: How are you and your child surprisingly alike?

“My 15-month-old LOVES my husband’s favorite food (baked beans) and mine (strawberries).”

“My little boy goes barefoot as often as he can, and he laughs a lot—and loudly—like me. Physically, he has his birth mom’s facial features. I love that he has combined ‘features’ of the first two women who have loved him so dearly.”

“My daughter talks incessantly, which can drive me up a wall. And then I realize I talk incessantly, too.”

“We adopted a sibling group. Two of our children look like me and two look like my husband. I have just learned to smile and say ‘thank you’ when anyone says how much they look like us.”

“I am an artist, and all my two-year-old wants to do is draw, color, and paint.”

“We’re both sensitive. We both love shoes. We both love each other. But we look nothing alike.”

“My son is the only one who will listen to his dad describing for hours, in excruciating detail, how something works.”

“My daughter and I are both perfectionists, highly sensitive, we stand up for our beliefs, and have a tendency to need to be in charge. This, of course, leads to some high-volume debates between the two of us now that she is a teenager.”


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