[Book Review] The First Year: Hepatitis C

Written by two HCV postitive women, this book can help adoptive parents understand and manage the hepatitis C virus.

Cover of The First Year: Hepatitis C

Da Capo Press; 2007

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Learning that your newly adopted child tests positive for hepatitis C (HCV) can be devastating. Questions abound: Can I hug my child? Is HCV like HIV? How do I protect my children and myself?

Written by two HCV-positive women, The First Year: Hepatitis C can take the scare out of the diagnosis. Although aimed at newly diagnosed adults, this book will help parents come to terms with having an HCV-positive family member, and the authors insights will be valuable, especially as our children grow. The bite-sized chapters are broken into two pieces—living (things to do) and learning (things to know)—making the information easy to digest. The book includes plenty of practical, medical, and lifestyle information. And a short but specific section on kids who have the virus will be of particular interest to parents endeavoring to be proactive in managing the virus.

Reviewed by Mara Kamen, editor-in-chief of Family Focus, the newsletter of Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoption (www.frua.org)