Table of Contents: Sept/Oct 2012 Issue



Adoption in the Classroom

A collection of resources to help adoptive parents empower their children, discuss adoption in the classroom and work with schools to nurture and teach their loved ones.

Personal Essays

“The Bun”

A seemingly harmless request for our girls to change their natural hair led to an uproar at the ballet studio.

“What to Expect When She’s Expecting”

Our youngest son will soon have a new biological brother. How will our family relate to this new birth sibling?

“Loving Their Ingredients”

After pondering the question of nature vs nurture, I made the decision to parent my children’s DNA instead of my own agenda.

The Experts

Adopting a Premature Infant

If you’re adopting a premature baby, our expert has all of the information you need to understand development, hospital stay, and feeding to better care for your little one.

The Way We Talk About Birth Parents

When we judge our children’s birth parents, we often judge our children.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Don’t Overshare

You may be so overjoyed at adopting a child that you want to tell everyone everything. But remember, your child’s adoption story is theirs to tell, not yours.

Preschool: Play- the Work of Children

For preschoolers, pretend play is a safe space where they can sort through complicated feelings.

Elementary: Why Didn’t They Keep Me?

Your child will eventually get curious about his or her birth parents. Answer their questions with honesty and respect.

Middle and High School: Speaking Up

In the middle-school years, parents must step back and help their child learn to stand up for herself, in school and in the larger world.




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