Table of Contents: Spring 2014 Issue



Hugs & Kisses Photo Contest

We asked to see our readers’ cutest and cuddliest photos. See the winners!

I’m Getting a New Brother or Sister!

Children will understandably be excited about gaining a new family member, but when a newcomer arrives at an older age or with emotional challenges, everyone will benefit from realistic expectations–and patience.

Q&A: Closure

The subject and filmmaker of the award-winning documentary speaks out about her birth family search, transracial adoption, open communication in adoptive families, and more.

Creative Birth Family Connections

When it comes to keeping their children’s birth parents an active presence in their lives, many families are thinking outside the (mailbox and in)box.

Special Report: Adoption and Teens

Here’s an overview of the main stages of adolescence, with the reassurance that our adopted kids’ experiences will fall well within the bounds of typical teen development.

Personal Essays

Yes, We Do Adopt

Talking with Black women about adoption became a routine part of motherhood for me, alongside diapers, homework, and the warmth I feel every time I look at my son.

The Blank Spaces

I am angry at the price my son has to pay for his birth mother’s decision to drink throughout her pregnancy–but I can’t be angry at her.

One Hundred Books

How did I fill my time during the wait? By filling a bookcase for our child-to-be.

Just Call Me Horton

A beloved children’s book sparked a discussion with my daughter about her birth mother and her adoption story — one I hope will be the first of many.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: The Comments Begin

When you’re so overcome with the joy of your new child, you may not even expect the insensitive comments about adoption you’re bound to get.

Preschool: Setting Age Appropriate Expectations

Preschoolers do best when loving adults keep their world predictable and set clear boundaries.

Elementary: “I Think About Your Birth Mom, Too”

If left alone with thoughts, grade-schoolers may spin fantasies about their birth parents.

Middle & High School: All the Pieces of Me

Every teen is involved in the complicated process of forming an identity. For adoptees, the process has a few extra layers.


What Drives Intercountry Adoption?

A political science professor talks about what’s behind the ups — and downs — of intercountry adoption.

Ensuring Accuracy for International Adoptees

Adoption Tax Credit Increasing

International Adoption Figures Fall Again

The Experts

Adoption Law: Understanding the ICWA

Special rules may apply if a child you’re adopting has any Native American or Alaskan Native heritage. Here’s what prospective parents need to know about the Indian Child Welfare Act, and what steps to take if ICWA applies.

Adoption Medicine: Anemia in Children

Our medical expert explains symptoms, causes,  and treatments that parents need to know when adopting a child with anemia.

Transracial Parenting: Responding to Invisible Racism

Daily racial microaggressions can take a toll on our children over time. Here’s how you can confront them.



PARENT-TO-PARENT: What’s in a Name?

AF PICKS: Best Apps for Adoptive Parents

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