Our Readers Share: The Best and Worst Comments About Adoption

On our Facebook page, we asked readers, "What’s the rudest or most beautiful comment you’ve heard about adoption? How did you respond?" Here’s what you said.

Our Readers Share: The Best and Worst Comments About Adoption

RUDEST Comments

“Where to start? ‘What do you do when she misses her mommy? How could someone be so heartless as to send her away? If you actually went to church, god would give you a baby. If you don’t pray for blessings, you won’t get them.’” —KAREN

“After adopting our third child, someone said, ‘You have the easiest pregnancies and deliveries of anyone I know.’ Growing our family has been a 10-year journey, including infertility, four miscarriages, and lots of struggles, stress, and heartache. Nothing has been easy about it.” —VIKKI

“Someone offered me her baby’s outgrown clothes and her friend said, ‘Nice of you to accept second hand clothes for a second hand kid.” —DAWN

“Someone actually said, ‘Get a Black one. It’s cheaper.’ I had to leave the area before I committed a felony.” —MATT

“A close friend actually said she was surprised I was such a good mom since I didn’t give birth! We aren’t friends anymore.” —KRISTY

“A daycare worker told me my home couldn’t be the best for my biracial son because neither my husband nor I are Black, and did I have the caseworker’s phone number because she was interested in adopting MY son so she could raise him right. My mouth hit the floor with that one” —JENNIFER

“My husband and I made a conscious choice to foster/adopt rather than have biological children. One of my best friends said, ‘You should just have biological children, then they’ll be your own.” —JEANETTE

“When I was at school a boy used to tell me I was adopted because no one loved me or wanted me. I just said, ‘Well, at least my parents got to choose me; yours just have to put up with you!” —ROCHELLE


“I was driving with our newly adopted seven-year-old twins when one said, ‘Mom, now that you’ve adopted me, I can feel my heart getting bigger!’ I burst into tears and almost ran us into a drainage ditch.’” —AMY

“We adopted from foster care and had custody of our girls for more than two years before the adoptions were finalized. My friend bought us a snow globe as an adoption gift. It’s inscribed ‘Miracles take time.’” —SANDY

“A few years ago, on Father’s Day, our 16-year-old son told my husband that he was glad he was chosen to be our son because he would have chosen him out of all the men in the world to be his dad.” —STEPHANIE

“I love it when people ‘refer’ their friends who want to adopt to me, because we had great experiences adopting and such a loving blended family.” —SARAH

“I was walking out of the grocery store with my children, who are Asian, Black, and White, when a gentleman told me my family is like a beautiful garden because each flower is different and the best gardens have a variety of pretty flowers.” —HOLLIE

“When I told my mom that we are adopting, she cried and told me that the minute they hand me the baby, it will be mine and I will be in love. We cried together for a while!” —CARLA

“When my six-year-old was being prepped for surgery at children’s hospital, the anesthesiologist came in and said, ‘Wow! You look just like your mommy!’ My daughter smiled and said, ‘Well, I did grow in her heart!” —APRIL

“During our son’s adoption hearing, the judge asked our three-year-old daughter if she had anything to say. She simply stated, ‘I love my family.” —TRACY

“When people who are waiting and wondering if their day will ever come tell us that meeting our family encourages them to keep hoping, it is music to my ears” —STEPHANIE


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