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Articles for Families Formed Through Transracial Adoption

From the Adoptive Families Archives


"Culture, Heritage, and Stereotypes," by Jerri Ann Jenista
If we don't help our children understand stereotypes who will?

"Raising a Child of Another Race," by Jana Wolff
Deliberate parenting can make a difference.

"An Unmatched Set," by Jana Wolff
Could I love a child who doesn't look like me? Yes. More than I've ever thought possible.

"How Do We Define Belonging?," by Lois Melina
Ethnic identity includes ancestry, but it is shaped by experience.

"How do you care for and style your transracially-adopted child's hair?"
AF's reader panel responds

Roundup of Culture Days, Heritage Camps, and Homeland Tours

For Families with African-American Children

"On Becoming African American," by Jane Sanders
Raised in a white community, I've just begun to embrace my heritage.

"Transracial Adoption: A History in Black & White," by Phil Bertelsen
What have we learned over the last 30 years—and what are we doing now to offer our children a better understanding of who they are?

"The Colors of the Season," by Jana Wolff
How one transracial family reinvented their holiday celebration.

"A Tug at My Heart," by Matt Forck
I thought. I researched. I talked. But in the end, it took a leap of faith to adopt across racial lines.

"Cornrows, French Braids, and Life," by Annie Kassof
As a white mom learns about her black child's hair, both come of age.

For Families with Latino Children

"Raising a Bilingual Child," by Laurie Weaver
Here's a practical guide to help your child connect to his language heritage.

"Connecting with a Culture," by Paula Hajar
A mother weaves a strand between her child's Guatemalan heritage and her Arab ethnicity.

For Families with Asian Children

"The China Doll," by Carrie Howard
When excessive attention sets children apart.

"A Family Commitment," by Lee Conrad Kemsley
Keeping the promise of cultural pride.

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