Search Results: January/February 2011

home study

Parent-to-Parent: The Home Study

Every adoptive family must undergo a home study as part of the process. We asked readers to tell us about theirs and share their advice.

Adoption Support Groups

Adoption Support Groups for Teens

An adoption support group can provide a safe and comfortable venue for your teen to explore adoption and his larger identity in a new, more complex way.

Finding a Pediatrician for Your Adopted Child

Finding a Pediatrician

If you know nothing about the birth family's medical history, or your child's medical records are incomplete, you'll want a medical professional with first-rate diagnostic skills to focus on areas of possible concern.

Black and white hearts, memorial to Betty Jean Lifton

“Goodbye, Betty Jean”

Betty Jean Lifton (1926-2010) was an adoption author, advocate, and close friend. I'll miss her always.

Attachment Through the First Year with Your Child

First Year Home: Now What?

Expert answers to all your common questions about sleeping, feeding, bonding, and more, with an eye to facilitating a strong attachment.

One mother tells her open adoption stories.

“Open Adoption Is…”

For our family, open adoption is peach roses, scrambling to buy bottles, and feeling out our relationship with the birth mom.