Search Results: May/June 2011

Question marks, representing the questions parents have regarding finding child care before adopting

Child Care, Pre-Child?

Should you arrange for day care during the wait, or after your child is home? Readers weigh in.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Affirming Belonging

An adoptive parent whose young child realized her skin color was different asks AF's expert for help with talking about race and belonging in a blended family.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Birth Grandparent Contact?

Our expert explains how contact with birth grandparents can be beneficial for children, and the guidelines for setting up a relationship that will last.

Wondering what type of gifts for birth parents to buy? We have answers.

Gifts for Birth Parents

Our readers share their recommendations for gifts for birth parents at the time of placement. Their advice? Keep it small and personal!

Readoption doesn't have to be confusing

Readoption: The Final Step

An attorney explains how to ensure that your parent-child relationship is recognized under U.S. law after an international adoption.

Our son through special needs adoption became his sister's guiding light.

“Becoming His Sister’s Guiding Light”

One year after adopting an infant girl, we adopted a "special needs" child with a cleft lip and palate. Ever since his sister was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he's become her guiding light.